SCKARS are liars and have horrible customer service!

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This dealer is horrible.Promised to send me paint for my 06 altima because it had paint chips and they didnt have the paint on hand but never got it.

Tried to talk to them about it and made up lie saying they had sent it out months ago and they couldnt do anything about it.

I also contacted them about a policy they have in which existing customers receive 100.00 dollars for referring a new customers. As always the dealer well david, the guy who lied to me i mean took care of me when i was there said they would sent out a check to me immediately. He said i would reviece it in a couple of days.

Its been 2 weeks and nothing!horrible customer service when it comes to keeping their promise.

Review about: Nissan Altima.



Forgot to add that i test drove a jeep cherokee, which seemed nice but had clearly been in an accident. It pulled extremely hard to one side and the paint looked mismatched in tone.

DONT BUY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last year around May I was looking to find a vehicle.I checked a few places and my own credit union Sea and Air sent me there saying theyve had good experience with them, they have quality cars and great pricing.

So I checked out one location in stanton which seemed nice. I had no issues and the sales associate that helped me was awesome. However, they did not have anything I was interested in within my price range of 14k, so he kindly sent me to their fullerton location and told me they would take care of me. My girlfriend and I arrived and they seemed to have an great selection.

First car I looked at was a 2008 gti which seemed awesome and in great shape. When I asked they gentleman assured me that it was in bone stock condition and neither the engine or suspension had been molested. i asked for the keys and he gave them to me without a problem, walked off into the office and i looked over the car alone outside. I found traces of where vacuum lines have been T'd off and temporarily repaired with dutc tape.

there were lines going through the firewall into the cabin that were left leaking(vacuum leak) where gauges were before. I mentioned this to sales guy and he still tried to lie to me saying nothing had ever been touched, strike one. So we went into his office which was filled with a the stereotyical middle eastern Guido type of sales people. All wearing the same thing like they dressed eachother, Ed hardy shirts/boot-cut jeans and italian shoes.

We went over a couple other options and I decide to walk. As my girlfriend and I were outside of the sales office ready to get into our car, some beligerent walked up to both of us and began mumbling things to my girlfriend, very quickly I became angry and I think some of his colleagues may have noticed, because they quickly came to grab him and he was yelling and swearing as he was dragged inside the sales office. Typical they were all laughing and swearing also. They think its so funny, Im not sure who the guy was maybe the owner maybe not but I think theyre all related.

Completely unacceptable and unprofessional.





Bought a car from them that I found out had electrical issues.When I spoke with David @ the fullerton location, he told me I was wasting his time and the warranty I was promised did not cover any more than engine and trans.

While I was signing papaers for the car one of their employees walked in drunk and they all took him to the back and were all laughing. Also they had a nice mustang the lot attendant decided it would be nice to spin the tires @ the front door of the sales office. I shruged these things off when I was there, but should have left without a car when I had a chance.

The people there just push cars and are the typical side of the road slick car salesmen with no care about you, only pushing cars.SCKARS should be shut down!


I have been crying all day.I bought a car this weekend and it was a piece of junk.

I was dumb enough to stay on the lot even though the guys were unprofessional. I bought the car on Saturday they needed to "fix the window" so I went to get it today and it turns out the car was in an accident. They charged me 750$ to take the car back because it was longer than 48 hours since I signed the contract.

Now I have to take them to small claims court.STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE

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